Monday, June 21, 2010

Rockford Community Center Agenda for June 21, 2010 Meeting

Meeting will be at the Harvest Moon Restaurant starting @ 6:30pm

Call to order
Roll Call
Approval of June 7th minutes
Treasurer's Report
Election of 2010-2011 Officers

State Rep Susan Fagan will be at the Rockford City Hall at 7pm
Rockford Community Center work party will meet after that

Mary Lou Benson

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Movies in the Park start June 17th

It is that time again for summer family fun! One way to enjoy the warm evenings is to watch one of the movies in the Rockford City Park. They are shown on Thursday nights starting at dusk and are rated G, PG or PG-13 (with prior approval by the committee). There is free popcorn and pop donated by local businesses and organizations. It is fun to watch families settle in with their lawn chairs and blankets, forgetting all their cares for a couple hours. The one drawback is that younger kids still have to be taught to pick up their litter instead of others doing it for them. Hopefully this year it will be different. I have missed 3 movies since this activity has been happening (3-4 years?). Movies have included Sandlot, The World's Fastest Indian, RV, August Rush and Nim's Island. Most of the time cartoons are shown first.
Come join us for a fun memorable experience!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Calling All Community Garden Volunteers

It is now time for planting! Last night (June 14th) was the first night for the big dig!. Now that the weather has improved we are ready to get started. If you want to help with the Community Gardens whether it be to plant, water or harvest it would be greatly appreciated. Remember that the produce will either be sold every Saturday at the Farmers Market to benefit the Rockford Community Center or given to families/persons in need. For more information contact Keith Wigen @ (509) 291-3602

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

State Representative Susan Fagan Will Hold Town Hall Meeting

On Monday, June 21st at 7:00pm State Representative Susan Fagan from the 9th Legislative District will be holding a Town Hall meeting in the Rockford City Hall.
She will be discussing the state budget as well as important legislative bills and issues. Plan on attending and expressing your ideas and concerns as this helps Susan as she does her job "for us" in Olympia.

For information call (509) 291-4716.

Rockford Community Center/Horizons June 7, 2010 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm by Chairman Todd Hart
In attendance were Mary-Lou Benson, Vivian Plank, Lorrie Pope, Tom Pope, Todd Hart, Billy Lafferty, Sean Hart and Micki Harnois
The minutes of the May 17th meeting were approved.
There is a total of $10,847.97 in the checking account and no grant funds have been spent.

Community Center
Plans are being made for a work party to do the following: bolt the bookcases in place; spackle the holes in the sport activity wall; paint the "movie screen" wall, sport activity wall, entrance wall,and book shelves; move the half-wall; sand the computer tables; set up the computers; set up the TV/DVD/VCR; retrofit the overhead lights and paint the ceiling; measure the "social area" floor for carpeting; set up the sports equipment and stock the bookcases and shelves. The work party will be on Monday evenings after the meetings or when enough people are available to help with the moving and the lifting.

Things needed for the work party: a) paint (1 gallon flat latex for the "movie screen" wall, 5 gallons cream semi-gloss washable for entry and sports area and 5 gallons of white ceiling paint), b) computer router and c) computer software.

Todd Hart and Tom Pope will change the lights. Avista will give a $25 rebate for each light replaced.

Background checks for all adults assisting with Community Center activities will be started once the consent forms are signed.

There was discussion regarding a banner for the Farmer' Market as well as the Rockford Community Center. We will check on a price for the Farmers' Market banner.

Community Gardens
The Farmers' Market made a profit of $47 with 3 vendors present.
The vendors from last year were sent letters and some completed forms have been received.
Mary-Lou Benson gave a mini-training on how to operate the produce scale and figure out pricing of items for the Farmers' Market.
Those who have expressed an interest in helping with planting have been notified and are "on call" until the ground is dry enough.
There was $201 spent on the triangle plot located in front of the restrooms at the park. Keith Wigen began the construction of the first tier wall and it will be finished once it quits raining. Keith has the full list of plantings which includes tomato, pepper and seed potato starts.

The Town has elected to stay with the present webmasters
There are lists of businesses on the web that can be accessed and linked with the RCC/Horizons page.

A free community dinner was held on May 27th at the Rockford Methodist Church Fellowship Hall with 37 people being fed. This will continue with the St Joseph Catholic Church participating in the preparations. It will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month from 5:30-6:30pm.

Vivian Plank is doing the overview of the paperwork for all our projects.

The short term plans that have been achieved are: 1) having the web page up and running, 2) the community calendar is now included in the town utility bill and is available at the local businesses, 3) the second year for the community gardens is now and they are ready for planting and 4) the Rockford Community Center now has a "home" with preparations being made to accommodate the activities that will be offered.

Those nominated for new officers include:
Chair-Lorrie Pope
Vice-Chair -Todd Hart
Secretary-Mary-Lou Benson
Treasurer-Vivian Plank
Youth Chair- vacant
Vice-Youth Chair-Sean Hart

There were no other nominations.

State Representive Susan Fagan with the 9th Legislative District will be holding a Town Hall Meeting on June 21st.

The next RCC/Horizons meeting will be on July 5, 2010 at 6:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Mary-Lou Benson, Secretary