Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rockford Community Center Meeting Minutes August 16, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Chair Lorrie Pope

Members present were Mary-Lou Benson, Tom Pope, Lorrie Pope, Scott Christiansen, Susan Gallagher, Todd Hart, Micki Harnois, Linda Clark-Evans, Phil Evans, Vivian Plank, Sean Hart and Jake Benson

Minutes from August 2, 2010 meeting were approved as presented.

A suggestion was brought up that we have a separate section of the meeting to discuss Horizons projects. It was noted that everything that the RCC is involved in a Horizons project because the community center, community gardens and communications were the three sections of the project.

The discussion about the youth activities was tabled.

Advertising was discussed for the next year. More signs of smaller size are needed- a banner that reads "Rockford Community Center" on the first line and "A Horizons Community" on the second line. There should be more advertising in the local papers and balloons located near activities.

Community Center:
Old Business:
Phil Evans gave a report about the time at the rest stop on US 395 south of Ritzville. There was a profit of $149.00.

Sean Hart gasve a report on the dance that was held on August 6, 2010. It was not well attended due to the lack of notification. There was one citizen complaint about the music being too loud for the kids' hearing.

New Business:
There are two cordless phones that were purchased and are charged and ready to go. The phone lines have been installed. It was decided that on Tuesday, August 17th, Sean and Jake will assist in pulling wires through the wall and Tom will connect them. The phone number of the RCC is (509) 291-3605. It will be for local service only.

Phil presented a calendar for scheduling of the staff at the RCC. He will call those who have volunteered to staff.

Mary-Lou presented the list of those who have passed the background check. Scott will provide the names of those who were done through the Sheriff's Fairfield SCOPE office.

First Step Internet has hooked up the wiring. A shelf is needed to place the equipment.

PAML has not returned Vivian's request for used computers at this time. She will email them again, ask for a time frame and model number of the laptops that will be given to the RCC.

Diane Woodman has a pool table to donate that needs no work. It was suggested that it be looked at and determined if it the same type and in better condition than the one we already have and if it has a slate surface. The question arose as to what we will do with the one we now have. Storage was discussed as well as possibly renting a unit from Ashford Storage. Todd will look into a deal that Paul Sifford might offer on a unit.

Todd will contact his insurance carrier to find out the policy regarding having a pellet stove for heat.

Micki mentioned that she has the Horizon board that was displayed at last year's Southeast Spokane County Fair in Rockford. Linda has the Community Center display ans she will combine the two displays to present in the Ag Building during this year's Fair. Lorrie and Tom will set up a table outside the RCC during the "3 on 3" basketball tournament. Phil will staff an RCC booth beside the food booths in the Fairgrounds.

Phil will research tree nurseries to find out the prices of wreaths. Vivian requested that the wreaths be pre-sold to prevent the stock left over as last year. It was determined that the money will be collected at the time of ordering.

Recycling was also discussed as a fund raising activity.

Todd stated that he intends to be in his store at least for two more years. The lease for RCC is from June 1st to May 31st. His store remaining open will depend on the voter approval of two initiatives proposed this election regarding the privatization of liquor sales.

Mary-Lou reported that the farmer's market was almost completely sold out on August 14th.

Phil discussed a CD he had to view entitled "Business Plan for Non-Profit".

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm

Mary-Lou Benson

Monday, August 16, 2010

Agenda for August 16, 2010 RCC Meeting

Starting time: 6:30pm at the Rockford Community Center

Report from Youth (action plan for activities (dances)
Phone update-voice mail
Background checks
RCC Hours of operation/Schedule for coverage
Future of RCC location
Winter heating of RCC
Advertising ideas for next year
Pool tables
Fair Representation for RCC
Fund raising-wreaths

Old Business
Rest stop report
August 6th dance report

New Business


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Minutes from July 19th RCC Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Chair Lorrie Pope at 6:30pm.

In attendance were: Mary-Lou Benson, Nick Reeves, Todd Hart, Lorrie Pope, Linda Thomas, Linda Clark-Evans, Phil Evans, Beryl Childs, Linda Seaman, Kathy Creed and Hannah Thiede

Minutes from the July 5th meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurer's Report: Total in checking account is $10,285.03 with $9,865.00 being from the Horizons grant.

Committee reports:

Farmers' Market: The sales from last weekend was $#238.50. There were 5 vendors and $80.00 of Rockford Roast coffee was sold.

Community Gardens: Spinach and looseleaf lettuce were ready for the market. Fairfield food bank delivery of spinach and lettuce will be made on Friday monring. Todd hart volunteered transportation for anyone who needs to go to the food bank. Water meters are installed at garden #2 by the Catholic church. The water meters will be installed at Linda Thomas' garden
#1 at a convenient time for her. The triangle area by the park rest rooms has been planted.

Community Center: First Step Internet is providing internet service free of charge. Phil will supervise its functions. Thank you cards are needed for donors. A special one will be given to Keith and Linda Wigen for their work on the triangle landscape area in the park. There will be a charge of $1.00 or 1 hour of donated time for the use of the games in the center. Nick noted that the youth need to be interested before any decision is made.

Old Business
Revisions to the By-laws were accepted with some additions to Rules of Conduct regarding public display of affection. Nick will research the wording from the Washington Administrative Code.
Background checks will be submitted by Mary-Lou
Phil and Linda-Clark Evans will need about 100 dozen cookies for the rest stop on August 6th through 8th.
There was a reminder given of the mind mapping session on July 20th at the Parish Hall. Everyone who has expressed an interest has been invited.
Nick will have a contact at the Coeur d' Alene Casino check with the public relations staff to see if they will donate another larger Rockford Community Center sign.
The RCC Open House will be on August 1st from 2-4pm. Cookies are needed.
Phil researched the sell of wreaths at the Spokane Valley Mall. It was decided that the "up-front" cost of $500 and a percentage of the profit be given was too expensive. It was decided that we will sell them in Rockford at $25 per wreath and take pre-orders.

New Business
Vivian will do more research on the Home Deport grant. Another prospect is ....Cities Institute...small projects for cities and towns for material or money or both.
Kathy Creed requested a donation to send kids to Grange Camp. It was approved that a $150.00 donation be given.
There will be a car wash on July 24th. The Methodist Church has given permission to the youth for the use of the parking lot. There will be a dance on August 6th in the park. Nick will ask the Town Council for permission to hold the dance and use the Fair Building. He was reminded that there needs to be at least 2 chaperones and the music is to be kept at or below the 10 decibel level. A request will also be presented to the Lions Club and Fair Board as a matter of courtesy.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Mary-Lou Benson, Secretary

Monday, August 2, 2010

RCC Meeting Agenda for August 2, 2010

Agenda for August 2, 2010

Treasurer's Report
Discussion of meeting rules
Open House recap
Rest Stop update
Internet update
Fair booth
Donations (what we need)
Getting computers
Code of Conduct

A Big Donation to the RCC--Hot Dog!

The Banner Bank Weenie Wagon was in the Rockford city park on July 29th. They served hot dogs, potato chips, cookies and pop. This was in conjunction with the Movies in the Park program.
The items remaining were donated to the Rockford Community Center (RCC) for a future barbecue. The donatation consisted of 5 cases of hot dogs, 6+ cases of hot dog buns, 3 cases of potato chips and a case of pop.
Some of these items will also be donated to the Immaculate Heart Retreat in Spokane and the North Palouse Food Bank in Fairfield.
Thank you to Banner Bank for the donation.