Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Flower Power Campaign

The RCC is selling bulbs for Spring 2012, can you believe it, it's just around the corner. There are catalogs and order forms available in the community center or you can ask any of the members for information. If you are comfortable ordering on the computer, you can log on to click on the PRODUCTS tab and take a look. When you place your order you can search for the Rockford Community Center as the charity you are sponsoring and it will automatically track to our account. It's super easy, you can pay with a credit card and the shipment gets delivered right to your door step and they guarantee their product. They also have a bonus, order 4 items and you will get some free miniature daffodil bulbs as well.
Speaking from personal experience, I ordered deer resistant plants and summer bulbs during the spring campaign and they were nice and healthy and the deer didn't even eat them so that was a double bonus for me. Call if you have questions (509)291-3605.