Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

The Community Center just received a fresh order of our premium blend coffee. It is available in 1 lb packages for $10.00 per pound or one pot size samples for $2.00.
The coffee was roasted, ground and packaged exclusively for the RCC from Roasthouse, a local micro roaster located in Spokane. Our "Rockford Roast" is a premium blend of Ethiopian, Guatamalan & Sumatran beans. If you need a special grind, such as for a french press or espresso machine or if you are wanting whole bean, we can get this for you. If you have any questions about our coffee or need a special order please contact Lorrie at 220-6779.

Monday, December 27, 2010

RCC Remembers Our Veterans

Since there was a surplus of Christmas wreaths, the RCC decided to decorate the Veterans grave sites at Fariview Cemetery. Since there was too much snow to see the names, several wreaths were set at the base of the Veteran Memorial in the cemetery and the others were hung on the fence by the entrance. Vice President Bill Benson, also a veteran, performed this honorable and solemn act.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Public Information on Sex Offenders

The Rockford Community Center will be hosting representatives from the Spokane County Sheriff's Department at our next RCC general meeting scheduled for Monday, January 3rd at 6:30. THIS MEETING IS BEING HELD AT TOWN HALL . Captain Werner will be there to discuss the sex offender map, what the levels mean, how the public can access information and to answer your questions. We will hold the general meeting after this presentation, time permitting. The board meeting will be held prior to this meeting beginning at six o'clock.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Minutes from November 1, 2010 RCC Meeting

Meeting called to order by Chair Lorrie Pope @ 6:35pm

Members present: Todd Hart, Sean Hart, Tyler B., Kevin Lewis, Linda Thomas, Chris & Dan Thompson, Vivian Plank, Phil Evans, Mary-Lou Benson, Lorrie & Tom Pope, Nick S.
Guest: Sheila Dyer-North Palouse Food Bank

Minutes approved as presented

Community Center
Todd reported that the Center was almost clean after the last event but needed more cleaning which was done the next morning. There was a discussion as to how to get the Center cleaned after activities. It was suggested that possibly having an earlier closing at 10pm if additional cleaning was necessary at the previous activity; to have the cleaning done at "half-time" or turning the lights on just before the end so it could be picked up. It was also suggested that the Rules of Conduct be prominently displayed so the members know what is expected..
Phil reported that the wreaths will be delivered on Nov 17th or 18th. The prices will be $20 for the plain (a redbow and 3 pine cones) and $25 for the more decorated ones. There was a discussion as to where to sell them. Tom and Lorrie may be availble to sell them on the south corner of the Rockford City Park and they can be sold at the RCC. The decorated wreaths will need to be kept cool so they will be stored in Todd's storage area for a very short time, or the front area of the the RCC can be "closed in" with plastic sheeting and the covered air-hockey table can be used for storage.
It was decided that any additional equipment needed in the RCC could be requested via Craig's list.

Phil reported that the greenhouse will be moved next o the north edge of the post office parking lot and close enough to his house for the power and water supply. The plywood on the greenhouse needs to be scraped and painted.
We were reminded of all the work Keith and Linda Wigen with the gardens. Greg Sprague tilled Garden #1 on First Street and Garden #2 on River Street. Mary-Lou will send him a note of thanks.
Keith will be asked to take on the 2011 Gardens Committee chair. Lorrie and Tom have contacted people who can provide rejected railroad ties for raised beds. Lorrie and Tom also toured the East Valley School Program Garden located at Sullivan Road and Wellesley Avenue in Spokane Valley and were impressed.
Phil presented the concept of "Community Supported Agriculture". The people of the community "buy" a portion of the garden and receive a basket of food from the garden each week. A discussion resulted in that there would be a need to pay up front and some kind of contract would need to be signed. Phil also talked about  "PEACH" located in Vinegar Flats in southwest Spokane.

Sheila Dyer spoke about the Food Bank in Fairfield. She thanked us for the canned goods that were recently donated and said that the additional food needed for the holidays included canned pumpkin. Volunteers are needed to help staff the Food Bank to give relief to the present volunteers.

Fairfield Care (Center) in Fairfield is in dire need of furniture, fixtures, etc. Please contact Karl Felgenhauer for information on any supplies that may be needed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.

Mary-Lou Benson

Veterans Day Salute a Success

On November 11th a Salute to Veterans was held in the RCC. Many from the community and surrounding area were in attendance. Pastor David Lura was the master of ceremony which is appropriate as he is a retired chaplain with the US Navy.
To start things off, a flag salute was done as well as the singing of the national anthem. Special guests Stan Primmer and Phil Purcell told of their recent trip to Washington D.C. on the Honor Flight. In the audience were Betty Myers and (?) Spooner who also talked of their "Honor Flight" experience with the women veterans. All of their experience of the war was shared with pride, passion and emotion--a time not soon forgotten.
About 40 were in attendance and it was a very memorable experience for all.
Thank you again to all who have served our country and our active military.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rockford Roast Coffee

Have you tried the coffee at the RCC? Did you know that Rockford has it's very own blend of coffee and it's available to you at the Rockford Community Center. Roasthouse Coffee of Spokane has created a special blend just for Rockford. It is a medium roast blend consisting of Ethiopian, Guatamalan and Sumatran beans. These are premium beans that come directly from the farmer to the Roasthouse. It is shade grown coffee and the farmers are paid above fair trade prices. One pound packages are available in whole bean, drip, espresso, decaf and course ground for french press. The cost is $10.00 per pound or you can try a sample pot size for $2.00. Call the RCC for more information or just stop by and try a cup on us.

Holiday Wreaths available at the RCC

Now taking orders for holiday wreaths at the RCC.
Prices are $20.00 for plain and $25.00 for decorated.
Wreaths can be pre-ordered and picked up at the RCC beginning November 11th through December 4th. Call RCC @ 291-3605 for information.
Special arrangements can be made by contacting the RCC.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Salute a Veteran

On November 11th at 11:00 am there will be a special recognition for Veterans at the Rockford Community Center. Local resident Stan Primmer will share his recent experience on the Honor Flight which took him and other veterans to Washington, D.C. to see the World War II memorial.
You are invited to attend and show your appreciation to the men and women who fought for the freedom we have in our country. A light lunch will also be provided. For information call (509) 291-4601.

Halloween Events In Rockford

Halloween Party in the Rockford Community Center
Hot Dogs and Bonfire in the Park
Costume Party in the McIntosh Grange

All events start at 5:30pm on October 31st

Have fun and watch out for the GHOULS & GOBLINS!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meals on Wheels in Rockford

Rockford Community Center (RCC) officers Mary-Lou Benson and Phil Evans met with Pam Almeada with the Spokane Valley Meals on Wheels program on October 15th, 2010.
Pam is looking at four possible places in Rockford that are acceptable to set up the operation. The McIntosh Grange buildng, Rockford United Methodist Church and the St Joseph Catholic Church Parish Hall were looked at but it was decided to serve the meals in the Community Center which is also in line with the RCC mission of helping those in the Rockford area in need of assistance.

Pam said that Meals on Wheels will be in Rockford one day a week and distribute 6 frozen additional meals for those who participate in the program. Those who are house-bound would have their meals delivered to them by local volunteers. Arrangements are being made to prepare the meals at the Fairfield Care facility (former Fairfield Good Samaritan Center) as this kitchen complies with the Spokane Regional Health District regulations. The meals would then be served at the RCC and the 6 frozen meals would be taken home for the rest of the week.

The projected time to begin Meals on Wheels in Rockford is around the last of December or first of January, 2011. The list of names of people in the community who need meals brought to them and those who would come to the RCC for their meals are being gathered. Volunteers are also needed to take the meals to the house-bound.
If you or someone you know will benefit from this program or would like to volunteer, please call Mary-Lou at (509) 291-3146 for more information.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Yard & Garden Debris Collection Day

Saturday, November 6th is the next yard & garden debris collection event day. Leaves, grass, brush and other home yard trimmings will only be accepted. The hours are from 9 am to 3 pm behind the Town of Rockford city hall. This service is provided at no charge. If you need assistance or have questions, please call the city hall @ (509) 291-4716.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Financial Forum For Women

Seeking women who want to take control of their financial future! Spend the day with smart and sassy women reaching for financial wellness. The economic crisis has left many families struggling. Take control of your money and your life. Create your own financial opportunities and share what you learn with your friends! Only $15.00, includes lunch! Space is limited and call (509)242-4205 to register.

WHEN: October 9, 2010 from 9:00am to 3:00pm.
WHERE: Central YWCA-930 North Monroe St, Spokane, WA

Monday, October 4, 2010

RCC Agenda for October 4, 2010 Meeting

Minutes from September 20th meeting
Treasurer's report

Rockford Community Center (RCC):
1) Youth (Nick, Sean, Todd)
2) Halloween ideas (Todd)
3) Fund raising ideas, vending machines, holiday sales (Lorrie)
4) Fair booth summary (Phil)
5) Wood stove pellets (Phil, Tom)
6) Attending a Freeman School Board meeting (Todd, Phil, Lorrie)

Community Gardens
1) Catholic church location (Todd)
2) Water for the gardens (Todd)
3) Possible garden sites

1) Newsletter (Lorrie)
2) Website update (Lorrie)

Nezt meeting date?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rockford Community Center Meeting Minutes August 16, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Chair Lorrie Pope

Members present were Mary-Lou Benson, Tom Pope, Lorrie Pope, Scott Christiansen, Susan Gallagher, Todd Hart, Micki Harnois, Linda Clark-Evans, Phil Evans, Vivian Plank, Sean Hart and Jake Benson

Minutes from August 2, 2010 meeting were approved as presented.

A suggestion was brought up that we have a separate section of the meeting to discuss Horizons projects. It was noted that everything that the RCC is involved in a Horizons project because the community center, community gardens and communications were the three sections of the project.

The discussion about the youth activities was tabled.

Advertising was discussed for the next year. More signs of smaller size are needed- a banner that reads "Rockford Community Center" on the first line and "A Horizons Community" on the second line. There should be more advertising in the local papers and balloons located near activities.

Community Center:
Old Business:
Phil Evans gave a report about the time at the rest stop on US 395 south of Ritzville. There was a profit of $149.00.

Sean Hart gasve a report on the dance that was held on August 6, 2010. It was not well attended due to the lack of notification. There was one citizen complaint about the music being too loud for the kids' hearing.

New Business:
There are two cordless phones that were purchased and are charged and ready to go. The phone lines have been installed. It was decided that on Tuesday, August 17th, Sean and Jake will assist in pulling wires through the wall and Tom will connect them. The phone number of the RCC is (509) 291-3605. It will be for local service only.

Phil presented a calendar for scheduling of the staff at the RCC. He will call those who have volunteered to staff.

Mary-Lou presented the list of those who have passed the background check. Scott will provide the names of those who were done through the Sheriff's Fairfield SCOPE office.

First Step Internet has hooked up the wiring. A shelf is needed to place the equipment.

PAML has not returned Vivian's request for used computers at this time. She will email them again, ask for a time frame and model number of the laptops that will be given to the RCC.

Diane Woodman has a pool table to donate that needs no work. It was suggested that it be looked at and determined if it the same type and in better condition than the one we already have and if it has a slate surface. The question arose as to what we will do with the one we now have. Storage was discussed as well as possibly renting a unit from Ashford Storage. Todd will look into a deal that Paul Sifford might offer on a unit.

Todd will contact his insurance carrier to find out the policy regarding having a pellet stove for heat.

Micki mentioned that she has the Horizon board that was displayed at last year's Southeast Spokane County Fair in Rockford. Linda has the Community Center display ans she will combine the two displays to present in the Ag Building during this year's Fair. Lorrie and Tom will set up a table outside the RCC during the "3 on 3" basketball tournament. Phil will staff an RCC booth beside the food booths in the Fairgrounds.

Phil will research tree nurseries to find out the prices of wreaths. Vivian requested that the wreaths be pre-sold to prevent the stock left over as last year. It was determined that the money will be collected at the time of ordering.

Recycling was also discussed as a fund raising activity.

Todd stated that he intends to be in his store at least for two more years. The lease for RCC is from June 1st to May 31st. His store remaining open will depend on the voter approval of two initiatives proposed this election regarding the privatization of liquor sales.

Mary-Lou reported that the farmer's market was almost completely sold out on August 14th.

Phil discussed a CD he had to view entitled "Business Plan for Non-Profit".

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm

Mary-Lou Benson

Monday, August 16, 2010

Agenda for August 16, 2010 RCC Meeting

Starting time: 6:30pm at the Rockford Community Center

Report from Youth (action plan for activities (dances)
Phone update-voice mail
Background checks
RCC Hours of operation/Schedule for coverage
Future of RCC location
Winter heating of RCC
Advertising ideas for next year
Pool tables
Fair Representation for RCC
Fund raising-wreaths

Old Business
Rest stop report
August 6th dance report

New Business


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Minutes from July 19th RCC Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Chair Lorrie Pope at 6:30pm.

In attendance were: Mary-Lou Benson, Nick Reeves, Todd Hart, Lorrie Pope, Linda Thomas, Linda Clark-Evans, Phil Evans, Beryl Childs, Linda Seaman, Kathy Creed and Hannah Thiede

Minutes from the July 5th meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurer's Report: Total in checking account is $10,285.03 with $9,865.00 being from the Horizons grant.

Committee reports:

Farmers' Market: The sales from last weekend was $#238.50. There were 5 vendors and $80.00 of Rockford Roast coffee was sold.

Community Gardens: Spinach and looseleaf lettuce were ready for the market. Fairfield food bank delivery of spinach and lettuce will be made on Friday monring. Todd hart volunteered transportation for anyone who needs to go to the food bank. Water meters are installed at garden #2 by the Catholic church. The water meters will be installed at Linda Thomas' garden
#1 at a convenient time for her. The triangle area by the park rest rooms has been planted.

Community Center: First Step Internet is providing internet service free of charge. Phil will supervise its functions. Thank you cards are needed for donors. A special one will be given to Keith and Linda Wigen for their work on the triangle landscape area in the park. There will be a charge of $1.00 or 1 hour of donated time for the use of the games in the center. Nick noted that the youth need to be interested before any decision is made.

Old Business
Revisions to the By-laws were accepted with some additions to Rules of Conduct regarding public display of affection. Nick will research the wording from the Washington Administrative Code.
Background checks will be submitted by Mary-Lou
Phil and Linda-Clark Evans will need about 100 dozen cookies for the rest stop on August 6th through 8th.
There was a reminder given of the mind mapping session on July 20th at the Parish Hall. Everyone who has expressed an interest has been invited.
Nick will have a contact at the Coeur d' Alene Casino check with the public relations staff to see if they will donate another larger Rockford Community Center sign.
The RCC Open House will be on August 1st from 2-4pm. Cookies are needed.
Phil researched the sell of wreaths at the Spokane Valley Mall. It was decided that the "up-front" cost of $500 and a percentage of the profit be given was too expensive. It was decided that we will sell them in Rockford at $25 per wreath and take pre-orders.

New Business
Vivian will do more research on the Home Deport grant. Another prospect is ....Cities Institute...small projects for cities and towns for material or money or both.
Kathy Creed requested a donation to send kids to Grange Camp. It was approved that a $150.00 donation be given.
There will be a car wash on July 24th. The Methodist Church has given permission to the youth for the use of the parking lot. There will be a dance on August 6th in the park. Nick will ask the Town Council for permission to hold the dance and use the Fair Building. He was reminded that there needs to be at least 2 chaperones and the music is to be kept at or below the 10 decibel level. A request will also be presented to the Lions Club and Fair Board as a matter of courtesy.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Mary-Lou Benson, Secretary

Monday, August 2, 2010

RCC Meeting Agenda for August 2, 2010

Agenda for August 2, 2010

Treasurer's Report
Discussion of meeting rules
Open House recap
Rest Stop update
Internet update
Fair booth
Donations (what we need)
Getting computers
Code of Conduct

A Big Donation to the RCC--Hot Dog!

The Banner Bank Weenie Wagon was in the Rockford city park on July 29th. They served hot dogs, potato chips, cookies and pop. This was in conjunction with the Movies in the Park program.
The items remaining were donated to the Rockford Community Center (RCC) for a future barbecue. The donatation consisted of 5 cases of hot dogs, 6+ cases of hot dog buns, 3 cases of potato chips and a case of pop.
Some of these items will also be donated to the Immaculate Heart Retreat in Spokane and the North Palouse Food Bank in Fairfield.
Thank you to Banner Bank for the donation.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Summer Activities

We are so fortunate to have many events this summer for the whole family and they do not cost a cent.

Wednesday Afternoons--Summer Swim Program @ Tekoa Pool
Wednesday Nights--Basketball in the Park @ 8:00pm
Thursday Nights--Movies in the Park @ dusk (free popcorn and pop)
August 6th 7-11pm --Youth Dance in the Park
August 21st 11am-3pm-- Hot Rockford Nights Car Show/Swap Meet in the Park
August 21st 7pm--Free Piano Concert by recording artist John Nilsen @ Rockford United Methodist Church

Other activities:
Farmers Market in the park on Saturdays from 9-3

Rockford Community Center Open House

There will be an open house in the new Rockford Community Center (RCC) on Sunday, August 1st from 2-4 pm. It is located at the southeast corner of Emma Street and First Street in the same building as Cindy Lou's Dog Grooming. There will be refreshments and a mini tour of the facility. RCC has recently received 501 c 3 nonprofit status. Please come and see the beneficial community facilty.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Minutes of July 5, 2010 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:34pm by Chairperson Lorrie Pope

In attendance was Mary-Lou Benson, Todd Hart, Sean Hart, Levi Pereira, Phil Evans, Tom Pope, Lorrie Pope, Patrick Malone, Micki Harnois, Beryl Childs and Vivian Plank.

The June 21, 2010 minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer's Report (all in checking) RCC $339.75
501c 3 $9,865.00

$135.00 was withdrawn from 501c 3 account to pay for the Money Management Class for Certification as Money Managers that was attended by Mary-Lou Benson, Vivian Plank and Linda Thomas.

The officers were introduced and each gave a brief resume.

The by-laws were examined and amendments and deletions were discussed. Mary-Lou will rewrite them as proposed and will present at the August 2, 2010 meeting.

Old Business
Vivian talked about the Money Management Class that she and others attended. A session will be held for members at a later date.
The Farmers Market made a profit of $73.90 last Saturday.
A fund raiser for the farmers' market through the RCC was presented by Lorrie Pope. She suggested that a special coffee be purchased and sold at the market under its' own label. It was suggested that the coffee be tried first to see if it would be accepted by the market patrons.
The Community Center has furniture and some of the painting has been done.
Todd noted that there is more work to be done and asked those who can do so to help.
The Community Gardens have been planted and are growing. Some tomato plants had to be replaced.
The youth car wash that was held last Saturday netted $40.00.

New Business
Micki talked about the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) conference in Vancouver, WA that she recently attended. The Horizons program was presented and was a hit and peaked the interest of several communities of all sizes throughout the state.
A brief synopsis of the 18-month Horizon's Poverty Reduction Program was presented and the short and long term goals for Community Center, Communications and Community Gardens was discussed. The goals that have been met were identified and those not completed remain on the list.
New short term goals identified for the Community Center include:
1. The Center will be up and running by it's open house date
2. The computers will be functioning
3. The pool table will be fixed
4. The Community Center will have a web site of its' own
5. Open House will be held on Sunday, August 1, 2010 from 2-4pm.
Phil has secured a time for serving refreshments at the Hatton-Coulee Rest Area located at the junction of US Hwy 395 and SR Hwy 26. The date is August 6-8, 2010. He and Linda (Clark-Evans) will staff it all three days and may have help with some of the youth. He is asking for donations of cookies from members. There is a chance that he may also be able to secure the spot on June 20-22, 2011. This will be discussed at a later date.
Patrick talked about grants that are available on the website www.Grants.gov that are municipal grants but federally funded. He also advised the Board to make decisions as one body in regard to programs, grants, etc. so there is accountability.
There will be a two hour mind mapping event that will evaluate the progress of the Rockford Horizons program. This will be held on July 20th at 6pm in the St Joseph Catholic Church Parish Hall located on south River Street. Food and refreshments will be served. It is intended that everyone who participated in the program will be contacted and invited to attend as well as the general population of Rockford.
Grants offered by the National Gardening Association and Home Depot were discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary-Lou Benson

Minutes from June 21, 2010 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Todd Hart at 6:30pm.

Members present were Mary-Lou Benson, Tom Pope, Lorrie Pope, Phil Evans, Linda Clark-Evans, Bill Creed, Kathy Creed, Todd Hart, Sean Hart, Billy Lafferty and Levi Pereira.

Minutes from the June 7, 2010 minutes were approved.

Treasurer's report (all in checking): RCC account $615.20
RCC 501c 3 $10,000.00

Results of election of officers:
Chairperson Lorrie Pope
Vice-Chairman Phil Evans
Secretary Mary-Lou Benson
Treasurer Vivan Plank
Youth Chairman Nick Reeves
Vice Youth Chairman Sean Hart

Phil presented a fund raiser of a Home Depot grant for gardening.

Community Center-
First Step Internet will hook up cable once the location of the computers is determined.
Mona Vanek donated a router.
A new computer is needed for the Master/Staff computer

Vivian gave a briefing of the SNAP meeting that she recently attended.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50pm for all to attend the Town Hall meeting with State Rep. Susan Fagan. A work party will follow in the Community Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary-Lou Benson

Friday, July 2, 2010

North Palouse Community Food Bank Summer Hours

New summer hours of operation of the North Palouse Community Food Bank located behind the Fairfield Fire Station on North Railroad Street.

Saturday, July 10 9 am to noon
Thursday, July 15 4 pm to 7 pm
Saturday, July 24 9 am to noon
Saturday, August 14 9 am to noon
Thursday, August 19 4 pm to 7 pm
Saturday, August 28 9 am to noon

Website: http://www.orgsites.com/wa/northpalousecommunityfoodbank

For EMERGENCY needs at times other than scheduled hours of operation, you may call (509) 279-0842 or (509) 844-8551

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rockford Community Center Agenda for June 21, 2010 Meeting

Meeting will be at the Harvest Moon Restaurant starting @ 6:30pm

Call to order
Roll Call
Approval of June 7th minutes
Treasurer's Report
Election of 2010-2011 Officers

State Rep Susan Fagan will be at the Rockford City Hall at 7pm
Rockford Community Center work party will meet after that

Mary Lou Benson

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Movies in the Park start June 17th

It is that time again for summer family fun! One way to enjoy the warm evenings is to watch one of the movies in the Rockford City Park. They are shown on Thursday nights starting at dusk and are rated G, PG or PG-13 (with prior approval by the committee). There is free popcorn and pop donated by local businesses and organizations. It is fun to watch families settle in with their lawn chairs and blankets, forgetting all their cares for a couple hours. The one drawback is that younger kids still have to be taught to pick up their litter instead of others doing it for them. Hopefully this year it will be different. I have missed 3 movies since this activity has been happening (3-4 years?). Movies have included Sandlot, The World's Fastest Indian, RV, August Rush and Nim's Island. Most of the time cartoons are shown first.
Come join us for a fun memorable experience!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Calling All Community Garden Volunteers

It is now time for planting! Last night (June 14th) was the first night for the big dig!. Now that the weather has improved we are ready to get started. If you want to help with the Community Gardens whether it be to plant, water or harvest it would be greatly appreciated. Remember that the produce will either be sold every Saturday at the Farmers Market to benefit the Rockford Community Center or given to families/persons in need. For more information contact Keith Wigen @ (509) 291-3602

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

State Representative Susan Fagan Will Hold Town Hall Meeting

On Monday, June 21st at 7:00pm State Representative Susan Fagan from the 9th Legislative District will be holding a Town Hall meeting in the Rockford City Hall.
She will be discussing the state budget as well as important legislative bills and issues. Plan on attending and expressing your ideas and concerns as this helps Susan as she does her job "for us" in Olympia.

For information call (509) 291-4716.

Rockford Community Center/Horizons June 7, 2010 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm by Chairman Todd Hart
In attendance were Mary-Lou Benson, Vivian Plank, Lorrie Pope, Tom Pope, Todd Hart, Billy Lafferty, Sean Hart and Micki Harnois
The minutes of the May 17th meeting were approved.
There is a total of $10,847.97 in the checking account and no grant funds have been spent.

Community Center
Plans are being made for a work party to do the following: bolt the bookcases in place; spackle the holes in the sport activity wall; paint the "movie screen" wall, sport activity wall, entrance wall,and book shelves; move the half-wall; sand the computer tables; set up the computers; set up the TV/DVD/VCR; retrofit the overhead lights and paint the ceiling; measure the "social area" floor for carpeting; set up the sports equipment and stock the bookcases and shelves. The work party will be on Monday evenings after the meetings or when enough people are available to help with the moving and the lifting.

Things needed for the work party: a) paint (1 gallon flat latex for the "movie screen" wall, 5 gallons cream semi-gloss washable for entry and sports area and 5 gallons of white ceiling paint), b) computer router and c) computer software.

Todd Hart and Tom Pope will change the lights. Avista will give a $25 rebate for each light replaced.

Background checks for all adults assisting with Community Center activities will be started once the consent forms are signed.

There was discussion regarding a banner for the Farmer' Market as well as the Rockford Community Center. We will check on a price for the Farmers' Market banner.

Community Gardens
The Farmers' Market made a profit of $47 with 3 vendors present.
The vendors from last year were sent letters and some completed forms have been received.
Mary-Lou Benson gave a mini-training on how to operate the produce scale and figure out pricing of items for the Farmers' Market.
Those who have expressed an interest in helping with planting have been notified and are "on call" until the ground is dry enough.
There was $201 spent on the triangle plot located in front of the restrooms at the park. Keith Wigen began the construction of the first tier wall and it will be finished once it quits raining. Keith has the full list of plantings which includes tomato, pepper and seed potato starts.

The Town has elected to stay with the present webmasters
There are lists of businesses on the web that can be accessed and linked with the RCC/Horizons page.

A free community dinner was held on May 27th at the Rockford Methodist Church Fellowship Hall with 37 people being fed. This will continue with the St Joseph Catholic Church participating in the preparations. It will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month from 5:30-6:30pm.

Vivian Plank is doing the overview of the paperwork for all our projects.

The short term plans that have been achieved are: 1) having the web page up and running, 2) the community calendar is now included in the town utility bill and is available at the local businesses, 3) the second year for the community gardens is now and they are ready for planting and 4) the Rockford Community Center now has a "home" with preparations being made to accommodate the activities that will be offered.

Those nominated for new officers include:
Chair-Lorrie Pope
Vice-Chair -Todd Hart
Secretary-Mary-Lou Benson
Treasurer-Vivian Plank
Youth Chair- vacant
Vice-Youth Chair-Sean Hart

There were no other nominations.

State Representive Susan Fagan with the 9th Legislative District will be holding a Town Hall Meeting on June 21st.

The next RCC/Horizons meeting will be on July 5, 2010 at 6:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Mary-Lou Benson, Secretary

Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Community Dinner-No Strings Attached

There will a free community dinner on May 27th at the Rockford Community Methodist Church from 5:30-6:30 pm. Donations will not be expected.

The dinners will occur on the 4th Thursday of the month. The goal is to get residents out of their house for an evening and share a meal with their neighbors.

If you would like to help please call Susan Gallagher @ (509)291-3339.

Rockford Horizons Poverty Reduction Meeting Minutes May 17th, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm at the Harvest Moon Restuarant. Eleven members were in attendance as well as Horizons trainer, Patrick Malone.
Minutes of the May 3, 2010 meeting were approved.

Community Gardens:
The people who were interested in helping with the gardens last year will be contacted.
The gardens have a need of an application of Round-up because of the infestation of morning glory. Bill Benson has tilled Garden #3 at the Stevensons. Someone has donated tomato plants that need to be planted "now". This will be done as help surfaces.
The 4-H group are willing to help with the gardens. Barb Gady is the contact person.
There was discussion with the Catholic church regarding the water timer for Garden #2This will be beneficial and Keith Wigen will research the cost.

Bill Strawn suggested that we contact TV station KXLY and put our events on their local community calendar which airs in the morning during the 5:30 am segment of the show. It was advised that we also contact KHQ and KREM.
The Exchange paper is dedicating one to two pages for local news for the Palouse weekly. This is to take the place of the North Palouse Journal on a temporary basis.

Mayor Micki Harnois presented information on the Town of Odessa Public Development Authority (PDA). She explained that there are several PDAs established in smaller towns in Eastern Washington and they use the same boiler plate format and language. It is hoped that Rockford will set one up soon.

Old Business:
The Rockford Community Center received approval of the 501c 3 tax exempt status on May 10, 2010. Any donations of material or money will be noted as to donor and value and kept in the RCC records.
The Rockford beautification project will be brought before the Town Council.
The status of the sale or lease of the Exxon station is unknown.
Mayor Micki met with one of the Town webmasters on May 6th. It was suggested that we should hire a professional to take this position as the webmasters will be graduating from high school this summer and want to increase salary. Micki will explore possibilities of a professional webmaster and the cost if the current webmasters can not continue.

New Business:
Rockford Community Center
There will be a meeting soon to move items in the building away from the walls to begin the preparation process of cleaning, painting and moving in.
The Farmers' Market will begin on June 5th and will continue through the summer. It was asked that we search for musicians to perform.
The Horizons banner for the Town is 4 feet by 6 feet and can be displayed during every Horizons sponsored event. Mayor Micki asked where it would be kept. Patrick Malone suggested that we contact other Horizons communities to find out how theirs are being stored.
Patrick presented suggestions for the gardens such as "Plant A Row for the Hungry" and Feed Spokane. These projects provide produce that is donated to Inland Second Harvest. We opted to keep our produce in the Rockford area. There is a mobile food bank that may help distribute food. The food bank in Fairfield is our local receiver of our harvest.
A free community dinner is being provided on the 4th Thursday of the month in the Rockford Methodist Church basement. There will be no donations received. Anyone who wishes to help can contact Susan Gallagher for more information.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary-Lou Benson

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rockford Horizons Poverty Reduction May 17th Meeting Agenda

Status of 501 c 3 for Rockford Community Center
Rockford beautification project
Rockford Mini-Mart status
Report of meeting between Mayor Micki and the web maasters
Community Gardens report
List of interested participants
Time of rototilling
Planting timetable
Timer for Garden#2 at the Catholic Church
Communication Report

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rockford Horizons Poverty Reduction May 3, 2010 Meeting Minutes

The Strategy meeting held on April 28th was intended to provide the committee with strategies for the last part of our program. This was attended by Mary-Lou Benson, Kathy Creeed and Vivian Plank.
Patrick Malone (our coach) laid out the areas:
Asset Building
Earned Income Tax Credit
Micro-enterprise i.e. through SNAP
Community Leadership
Community Capacity
More people are needed for these programs
Public Policy
Community Endowments
A way to increase the money received (our $10,000!!!)
Wealth Sustaining
The group learned of the existance of The Book Parlor in Spokane that carries new and used books at reasonable prices, has a coffee shop and "Fair Trade Gifts". This is one example of micro-enterprise.

Vivian Plank and Mary-Lou Benson attended a luncheon presented by AWALL (Adolescent Women Actively Learning Life's Lessons). The purpose of this organization is to provice a sense of empowerment to adolescent girls who are from low-income families, by mentoring them and giving them skills and confidence to improve their lives.

Bill Benson offered an example of micro-enterprise by citing the impact of the closure of the Rockford Mini-mart (excluding the gas station). The Town has lost a place to purchase small essentials, truck drivers and local residents have lost the quick and available coffee in the early morning and the Rockford Emergency Response Committee has lost the use of coolers and food keeping capacity in case of emergencies. His proposition is that there be a co-op that would maintain the Mini-Mart, open a coffee shop/internet cafe and a deli for quick "to go" sandwiches and pizza. He reminded us that the Mini-Mart used to have pizza but the owners did not want to maintain the ovens, so no pizzas were sold. The plan would add jobs to manage the deli, Mini-mart and internet cafe. Mayor Micki Harnois noted that several people have looked at the Mini-Mart to puchase and are waiting for the price to be lower.

The Rockford beautification project is primarily in the City park along the fence, the basketball court and around the memorial. The bush by the south entrance of the park is blocking the view inside the park. It was the consensus that it should be trimmed back due to the return of drug paraphernalia being found around that side of the park. Local businesses and organizations will be contacted and invited to take part in this project. It is thought that if the park is a safe place and it looks as though the people care about the appearance of the Town there will be more interest in businesses relocating here.

The discussion about public development authorities is on hold.

The Community gardens will be tilled once the ground is dry enough. The local 4-H group is willing to help because they need service hours. Barb Gady is the contact person once there is a schedule for planting.

Approval was given to use retaining stones for the triangle area in front of the restrooms in the park. The cost of $200 will come out of the Community Center budget. There was a suggestion that people can donate a tree, preferably a willow, to plant in the park. Keith Wigen explained that the willow trees will absorb alot of the water and the park won't be so wet. By having the park drier, there won't be a large amount of standing water thus decreasing the mosquito breeding grounds, making the park a healthier place. Also, the existing trees should be sprayed to control the aphids. A suggestion was made to find ladybugs to solve the problem.

The Town webmasters are scheduled to meet with Mayor Micki next Thursday, May 6th at 4:30 pm at the City Hall.

The next meeting will be on May 17th at 6:30 pm at the Harvest Moon Restaurant.

Respctfully submitted,
Mary-Lou Benson

Monday, May 10, 2010

Horizon Leader attends CRM Facilitator Training

Micki Harnois, Horizon leader attended the Coordinated Resource Management training on April 26-29, 2010.
The basic objectives of the meeting was to:
1) Engage local people in resolving issues
2) Teach skills in facilitating successful meetings, work sessions and other group processes.
3) Learn how groups work together and overcome obstacles in order to solve problems, make decisions and build durable agreements.

It was a great learning experience and will be used a tool to help others in the community learn to express themselves in a group setting and also seek to understand why others feel the way they do.

Rockford Community Center receives 501 c 3 status!

After many months of hard work and organizing the stacks of paperwork for the IRS, RCC has become non profit and tax exempt. Vivian Plank and Mary-Lou Benson (with expert advice from Linda Thomas) have succeeded in achieving the most important step in the Rockford Horizons program and in our strategic plan. This is the beginning of a worth-while venture of establishing programs beneficial to those of poverty in Rockford. Be sure to thank them for their hard work as well as those who have been dedicated for the last 18 months to the Horizons program.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Meeting With the Webmaster

A committee consisting of Vivian Plank, Jack Bergstrom and Phil Evans met with one of the Town webmasters Andrew Coumont. (He is graduating from Freeman High School in 23 days!). The group gave suggestion on how the website can be improved with supplying more information regarding organizations, businesses and emergency preparedness. It is going to be interesting to see the improvements.

Rockford Horizons Poverty Reduction Program April 19, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Ten members were present.

The paperwork for 501 c 3 status was submitted on April 14, 2010.

Mayor Micki Harnois suggested that Rockford start a Public Development Authority. The initial steps are to 1) obtain the go-ahead from the Town Council and 2)appoint a Board of Directors which would include an attorney, realtor, banker, several business owners and interested citizens. This will be discussed in more detail at a later meeting.

Susan Gallagher has volunteered to be the photographer for the Horizons Team.

The Rockford Beautification Project: 1) identify the spaces that need beautification, 2) list the spaces, 3) present the list to the businesses, organizations or groups, and 4) have each select one space apiece. It can be an "Adopt a Space" or "Foster a Space" for a certain period of time (i.e. one year).

Community Gardens: There are seeds available. Linda and Keith Wigen have starts for flowers and vegetables. The gardens have been plowed but need to be tilled to break up the clods of dirt. Linda Wigen presented her plan for the area in front of the park restrooms. There was a discussion regarding the use of cherry tone timber in that it warps. The choice was due to the cost of materials, the cherry tone timber being the least expensive. It was mentioned that we need flower pots. There was a suggestion that we attempt to make them out of newspaper to have biodegradable ones.

The Blood Mobile is scheduled for Rockford on May 10th from 1:30-3:30pm.

Rockford Community Center April 5, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Members presnt: Mary-Lou Benson, Joanie Thompson, Susan Gallagher, Todd Hart, Sean Hart, Jeff Barratt, Phil Evans

Meeting called to order at 6:07 pm by Chair Todd Hart

Minutes amended to include Sean Hart as present at the last meeting. Minutes approved as amended.

Treasurer's Report not available.

Old Business:
Status of 501 c 3: All paperwork has been submitted to the IRS. We are awaiting our acceptance as a non-profit organization.
Insurance: All paperwork has been submitted. The premium is $467.00 per year. This quote includes $1 million General Liability, $500,000 Medical Expense to Others and $5,000 Business Personal Property with Special Causes of Loss and a $500 deductible on the BPP. The liability includes the coverage for the Farmer's Market, Basketball in the Park, Movies in the Park and the Christmas Wreaths. The check for that amount will be submitted on Tuesday, April 5, 2010. Items necessary to comply with the insurance: all obtained but not installed pending the approval for coverage.
Status of donated items: On hold until we can get into the building and find places for them.
Surveys: Out of 20 given out 9 have been returned.
Garden Plots: Keith Wigen said that Steve Meyer will plow the fields. Joanie Thonpson has chicken manure to donate. It was mentioned that Fairfield has a greenhouse and will be selling plants. The plan for the area in front of the park restrooms was brought up. There was discussion as to the use of cherry tone timbers as opposed to railroad ties. The deciding factor is the cost of materials. Todd said that he will take two of the trees and leave one. Linda Wigen will use plants from her garden.
Newspaper: No news available.

New Business: Background checks are not being done by SCOPE. Mary-Lou will check with the Washington State Patrol as to the procedure for obtaining background checks.
Lighting for the Community Center: Todd will contact Avista regarding the changing of the existing fixtures to more efficient lighting. There may be a rebate for that.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm.

Resptfully submitted,

Mary-Lou Benson

Horizon Leader Receives Award

Mary Lou Benson, one of our original Horizons leader, received special recognition for her many hours of dedication to the Town of Rockford Horizons poverty reduction program. This award was presented by the Rockford United Methodist Church Women at the fellowhip hour after the churhc service on Sunday, May 2nd.
Needless to say Mary Lou was very surprised and appreciative. Even though she is very active in St Joseph Catholic Church in Rockford, Mary Lou attends bible study and various functions at RUMC.
We thank you for all your hard work, Mary Lou!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Horizons Poverty Reduction May 3, 2010 Meeting Agenda

Starting at 6:30 pm at the Harvest Moon Restaurant

Status of 501 c 3
Report on April 28th Strategy Meeting
Asset Building
Community Leadership Community Capacity
Public Policy
Community Endowment
Wealth Sharing
Reports on Rockford Beautification Project
Process of selecting sites to identify
Businesses to contact
Names of organizations to contact
Public Development Authority
Identify specific people for Board of Directors
who, why and if they would be willing to serve
Request "blessing" from the Town Council
Rototilling time frame for garden #1, #2 and #3
4-H will be willing to help with the gardens
Webmasters meeting

Rockford Community Center May 3, 2010 Meeting Agenda

Starting time is at 6:00 pm at the Harvest Moon Restaurant

Members present
Call to order
Treasurer's Report
Old Business:
Status of 501 c 3
Surveys for RCC distribution
Garden plots
Report on progress with plowing and rototilling
Background checks cost before 501 c 3 status
After 501 c 3 status required
Lighting updating cost from Avista
New Business:
Progress on getting the RCC ready for occupancy
Work crews needed
Moving equipment, cleaning, sorting donations, itemizing donations and equipment,
categorizing books
Meeting with town people to determine colors, paint donations, wall decorations, etc

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have an idea for a community health program for Rockford?

The Post Cereal company is offering a $25,000 grant to communities that have a creative, actionable and impactful proposal to improve the health of their residents. Examples are a greenmarket, building a playground or offering nutrition consultations.
The top 10 finalists will be featured on www.postnatural.com at the beginning of June where visitors can vote for their favorites.
Check out www.postnatural.com/GoodHealthGrant.aspx for more information
Let us know if you have any ideas.

Fairfield Community Closet Needs Your Help

The Fairfield Community Closet located at 404 N 2nd will be having shorter hours of operation in May and June. This organization offers free clothing to every one of all ages. If this service is not being utilized it may close the doors in July. If you or someone you know needs gently used (or sometimes new) clothes please stop in and see what they have. There may be play outfits for growing children and work clothes for the hard workers in the family for example.
The following hours for May are:
May 11th 11am to 3 pm
18th 3pm to 7 pm
25th 11am to 3 pm
June 8th 11am to 3 pm
15th 3pm to 7 pm
29th 11am to 3 pm

For information call (509) 283-2540 or (509) 291-3033

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WSU Sociology Students at Work for You!

Sociology 433, an undergraduate class at Washington State University, has been researching options and resources for topics that are important to your rural communities as you work to reduce poverty. Topics include: affordable housing, neighborhood safety, youth activities and much, much more.

Your community may be in contact with one of these teams, but all of their research may be relevant to the issues you are addressing. Click to the Horizons website http://www.horizons.wsu.edu/project/horizons3/community.html to read about their work.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bike Race in the Palouse

On Saturday, April 10th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm the Spokane Rocket Velo Cycling Club will be having a Ronde Van Palouse (Tour of the Palouse).

The race starts at Liberty High School and goes northeast on Kentuck Trails Road to Valley Chapel at the Mt Hope Church. The route continues east through Mt Hope on Valley Chapel Road. At Jackson Road follow south to East Rattlers Run Road (the roads are now gravel), turn right, then take an immediate left on South Rattlers Run Road. At West Bradshaw Road turn right to Darknell Road, then turn left until you get onto paved Prairie View Road where you turn right. At the Y at Spangle-Waverly Road turn right and go back to Liberty High School.

The route does not go unto SR Hwy 27 and all roads will remain open to motor vehicle traffic with very few delays, if any.

Contact Mike Sirott @ (509) 868-8604 or email info@spokanerocketvelo.com with questions or concerns.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beautiful Rockford, WA Stuns Lamont By Holding Rival 'Social Event' In Same Calendar Year

The charming, strategically located and annoyingly well-managed Town of Rockford stunned the lowly, shockingly self-absorbed Town of Lamont, the 2nd smallest Town in the State, by announcing that they, too, would be putting on an exciting event in this calendar year - on May 1st, 2010 - in spite of the fact that Lamont thought that they had 'dibs' on the year 2010 and thus could expect no competition to their 100 year festival from anywhere in the State. (What collective self-delusion!) "Well, I guess times are changing around here!" said the huffy Mayor who tends to crumble when faced with competition of any kind. "So when I got wind of that surprisingly clever Sadie Hawkins/May Day dance on May 1st - held in Rockford's own fairgrounds (what show-offs! We don't even have a public bathroom and they have an entire fairgrounds? Oh yea, life is fair!) - of course I was consumed with envy and angst" said the brooding public servant. "Sure, we naturally look up to towns like Rockford with all of their fancy trees and stores and restaurants and all of that - but a dance? The only way that the citizenry of Lamont could ever work up the courage to dance in public would somehow involve a jug of moonshine and the woeful siren call of a lone banjo or whatever. But these Rockfordians are organizing a whole event around dancing! What nerve! What bravery! What unbelievable gumption! And what’s with their smarty-pants Mayor - Micki Harnois? She is a doggone genius! And then there's that amazing over-achiever Clerk/Treasurer they have - that iconic Darlene! Dang! How are we ever supposed to compete against that? But anyway, I still thought we had 'dibs' on 2010! Is nothing sacred anymore? Let me guess, they don't resolve disputes with the time-honored 'Scissors, Rock, Paper" method anymore, either! Oh, I just wish I was the Lamont mayor back in our heyday - the year 1911. Things were just so much simpler! " he sniveled.The inspired and lovely Town of Rockford (known as the Gateway To The North Palouse!) is located on SR 27 about 15 miles south of Spokane Valley - and will be holding their really cool dance at the Rockford fairgrounds (the money raised will go to support the fairgrounds which is a darn good cause in these budget cutting times! Go help!) on Saturday, May 1st from 6:00-10:00 pm. Lamont, on the other hand, is having their 100 year festival in the town park (that we need to rename 'The Lamont Fairgrounds', for Pete's sake! Why don't we have a fairgrounds?) on Saturday, June 19th at 11:00 AM. Mark your calendars for both events! The strength and beauty that is America is contained in its small towns - so stop being so busy and come savor the vibrant beauty we all once took for granted. You can ease into the richness that is Americana by going to the Rockford event first then plunge yourself back 100+ years by attending the Lamont festival on June 19th. (Going straight from the modern world into Lamont might be too shocking to all but the most robust nervous systems - so it is better to ease into it via Rockford first! Better safe than sorry, as we always say!)Besides stores, restaurants and businesses of any kind, some other cool things that Rockford has and Lamont does not includes: Little League baseball, a really smart, socially robust Mayor (who is on the AWC Board of Directors, too, for crying out loud!), an annual Frog Race, basketball, horsemanship, summer movies in the park, a Saturday Farmer's & Flea Market and teen organized dances (there is that dancing AGAIN!). And the summer culminates (that means finishes up or something) with the Southeast Spokane County Fair where three lovely young ladies are crowned Queen and princesses. This amazingly complicated organizational effort (by Lamont standards) also includes exhibits, entertainment, concessions, rides, vendors, and booths manned by civic groups serving wholesome (what?) homemade foods in the fairgrounds and Town Park. (they have a park too? Isn't the fairgrounds enough? Dang!) Oh yea, and they have a streetlight, too! (darn their eyes!)

Taken from The World of Lamont, Washington http://lamont-wa.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Micki Harnois sworn in as New Mayor

On January 2, 2010 the Rockford City Hall was filled with family, friends and associates as Micki Harnois was sworn in as the new mayor of Rockford. RUMC Pastor Kathy Barrick opened with an inspirational blessing and Clerk-treasurer Darlene Lashaw performed the ceremony.
Micki has been involved with the Rockford Horizons program since the beginning including the Study Circles, Leadership Plenty and the strategic planning. She has been involved in various community organizations for many years.
The highlight for her was doing a presentation about the Rockford Horizons program at the Inland Northwest Partners conference last fall. One of the board members was inspired by the effort to reduce poverty and the local donations for the recent stream bank project that he nominated the Town of Rockford for a Community "Hometown Heroes" Award which we received in November. This plaque is proudly on display in the Rockford City Hall.

Horizons Leadership Meeting- January 4, 2010

Present: Todd Hart, Mary-Lou Benson, Vivian Plank, Sean Hart, Micki Harnois, Jeff Barrett
Called to order at 6:45 pm.

Community Gardens:
There will be a separate garden meeting soon to plan the crops, placement, discuss what we learned from last year, raised beds, greenhouse covering.
Keith Wigen has said that the church garden (#2) should be expanded. There is also a need for more "weeders" this year.
The raised beds that are made of pine should be lined with plastic.
Micki said that there are water meters available but need to be adapted which Todd agreed to do. The twelve meters were donated by Consolidated Irrigation District #19 in Spokane Valley.
The Osterberg's have a heated greenhouse that may be available for use.
The tomato/peper crop in the Stevenson's garden (#3) will need weeding and care. Terry Bennett did it last year and will take a much deserved break.
The people who volunteered last year will be notified and asked to participate this year.

Farmers Market:
It was suggested that there be a sign-up book for the visitors to the market so they can be contacted and sent a thank you.
The vendors from last year will be contacted by letter.
Mary-Lou and Vivian will attend the Washington State Farmers' Market Association Convention in Tacoma again this year.

We need to determine: 1) the printing cost, 2) will the two restaurants/bars (Fredneck's and the Harvest Moon) be willing to buy them, 3) how are we going to get advertisements and 4) how much will the charge be for ads?

Micki will be attending and presenting at the Horizons state-wide conference on March 19th and 20th in Moses Lake.

Mary-Lou Benson

RCC Meeting Minutes, January 6, 2010

Members present: Sean Hart, Todd Hart, Mary-Lou Benson, Micki Harnois, Jeff Barrett
Called to order at 6:05 by Chairman Todd Hart
Minutes of previous meeting not read.
No Treasurer's Report offered
Old Business:
The status of the 501 c 3 application was discussed and completed with minor adjustments to be made by Vivian. It should be in the mail before the deadline of January 29, 2010. Once the 501 c 3 status is established, the RCC will fall under the jurisdiction of the Leadership/WSU Horizons umbrella. Meetings will be in the City Hall once that occurs.
New Business:
Todd announced that half of the building beside his store can be used as the Community Center because he has rented the other half. RCC will need to have heat and lights before it can be utilized. The members will examine the building and its needs before proceeding.
There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm.
Respectufully submitted,
Mary-Lou Benson

Your Money--Earn It! Keep It!! Save It!!

The United Way's CASH Coalition and its members and volunteers are working together to help you get cash back!

EARN IT--Did you earn less than $43,279 in 2009? The Earned Incom Tax Credit (EITC) could pay you as much as $5,657 based on your earnings and family situation (individual results may vary. You must file your taxes to receive your credit)
KEEP IT--Don't pay to file your taxes. Visit a free tax preparation site to have your taxes carefully prepared and e-filed quickly and without a filing fee (free tax preparation and filing services available subject to eligibility)
SAVE IT--Want to own a home, go to school, buy a car or start a business? There is a program that can help you save money, reduce your debt, and learn to manage your money. For information contact: SNAP Financial Access-509.456.7174, www.snapaccess.org

Taxes can be done free at the following locations from February 1 to April 15 (subject to eligibility on a first come, first served basis):

Spokane Valley Library, 12004 E Main Ave
Spokane Moran Prairie Library, 6004 S Regal St
Call 509.358.3526 for an appointment.

Rockford Horizons Receives Community Award

On November 18, 2009 the Town of Rockford received a Community "Hometown Heroes" Award from Inland Northwest Partners. We were nominated by Paul Kimmell of Avista for the stream bank work (funded by local donations) as well as the Rockford Horizons program. The award was presented at a luncheon in which Mary Lou Benson (pictured) received the plaque from Joe Tortorelli, Board member of INP. Our group sincerely appreciates this recognition for our community and it is stimulating that the our endeavors are being noticed.