Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Summer Activities

We are so fortunate to have many events this summer for the whole family and they do not cost a cent.

Wednesday Afternoons--Summer Swim Program @ Tekoa Pool
Wednesday Nights--Basketball in the Park @ 8:00pm
Thursday Nights--Movies in the Park @ dusk (free popcorn and pop)
August 6th 7-11pm --Youth Dance in the Park
August 21st 11am-3pm-- Hot Rockford Nights Car Show/Swap Meet in the Park
August 21st 7pm--Free Piano Concert by recording artist John Nilsen @ Rockford United Methodist Church

Other activities:
Farmers Market in the park on Saturdays from 9-3

Rockford Community Center Open House

There will be an open house in the new Rockford Community Center (RCC) on Sunday, August 1st from 2-4 pm. It is located at the southeast corner of Emma Street and First Street in the same building as Cindy Lou's Dog Grooming. There will be refreshments and a mini tour of the facility. RCC has recently received 501 c 3 nonprofit status. Please come and see the beneficial community facilty.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Minutes of July 5, 2010 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:34pm by Chairperson Lorrie Pope

In attendance was Mary-Lou Benson, Todd Hart, Sean Hart, Levi Pereira, Phil Evans, Tom Pope, Lorrie Pope, Patrick Malone, Micki Harnois, Beryl Childs and Vivian Plank.

The June 21, 2010 minutes were approved as presented.

Treasurer's Report (all in checking) RCC $339.75
501c 3 $9,865.00

$135.00 was withdrawn from 501c 3 account to pay for the Money Management Class for Certification as Money Managers that was attended by Mary-Lou Benson, Vivian Plank and Linda Thomas.

The officers were introduced and each gave a brief resume.

The by-laws were examined and amendments and deletions were discussed. Mary-Lou will rewrite them as proposed and will present at the August 2, 2010 meeting.

Old Business
Vivian talked about the Money Management Class that she and others attended. A session will be held for members at a later date.
The Farmers Market made a profit of $73.90 last Saturday.
A fund raiser for the farmers' market through the RCC was presented by Lorrie Pope. She suggested that a special coffee be purchased and sold at the market under its' own label. It was suggested that the coffee be tried first to see if it would be accepted by the market patrons.
The Community Center has furniture and some of the painting has been done.
Todd noted that there is more work to be done and asked those who can do so to help.
The Community Gardens have been planted and are growing. Some tomato plants had to be replaced.
The youth car wash that was held last Saturday netted $40.00.

New Business
Micki talked about the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) conference in Vancouver, WA that she recently attended. The Horizons program was presented and was a hit and peaked the interest of several communities of all sizes throughout the state.
A brief synopsis of the 18-month Horizon's Poverty Reduction Program was presented and the short and long term goals for Community Center, Communications and Community Gardens was discussed. The goals that have been met were identified and those not completed remain on the list.
New short term goals identified for the Community Center include:
1. The Center will be up and running by it's open house date
2. The computers will be functioning
3. The pool table will be fixed
4. The Community Center will have a web site of its' own
5. Open House will be held on Sunday, August 1, 2010 from 2-4pm.
Phil has secured a time for serving refreshments at the Hatton-Coulee Rest Area located at the junction of US Hwy 395 and SR Hwy 26. The date is August 6-8, 2010. He and Linda (Clark-Evans) will staff it all three days and may have help with some of the youth. He is asking for donations of cookies from members. There is a chance that he may also be able to secure the spot on June 20-22, 2011. This will be discussed at a later date.
Patrick talked about grants that are available on the website that are municipal grants but federally funded. He also advised the Board to make decisions as one body in regard to programs, grants, etc. so there is accountability.
There will be a two hour mind mapping event that will evaluate the progress of the Rockford Horizons program. This will be held on July 20th at 6pm in the St Joseph Catholic Church Parish Hall located on south River Street. Food and refreshments will be served. It is intended that everyone who participated in the program will be contacted and invited to attend as well as the general population of Rockford.
Grants offered by the National Gardening Association and Home Depot were discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary-Lou Benson

Minutes from June 21, 2010 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Todd Hart at 6:30pm.

Members present were Mary-Lou Benson, Tom Pope, Lorrie Pope, Phil Evans, Linda Clark-Evans, Bill Creed, Kathy Creed, Todd Hart, Sean Hart, Billy Lafferty and Levi Pereira.

Minutes from the June 7, 2010 minutes were approved.

Treasurer's report (all in checking): RCC account $615.20
RCC 501c 3 $10,000.00

Results of election of officers:
Chairperson Lorrie Pope
Vice-Chairman Phil Evans
Secretary Mary-Lou Benson
Treasurer Vivan Plank
Youth Chairman Nick Reeves
Vice Youth Chairman Sean Hart

Phil presented a fund raiser of a Home Depot grant for gardening.

Community Center-
First Step Internet will hook up cable once the location of the computers is determined.
Mona Vanek donated a router.
A new computer is needed for the Master/Staff computer

Vivian gave a briefing of the SNAP meeting that she recently attended.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50pm for all to attend the Town Hall meeting with State Rep. Susan Fagan. A work party will follow in the Community Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary-Lou Benson

Friday, July 2, 2010

North Palouse Community Food Bank Summer Hours

New summer hours of operation of the North Palouse Community Food Bank located behind the Fairfield Fire Station on North Railroad Street.

Saturday, July 10 9 am to noon
Thursday, July 15 4 pm to 7 pm
Saturday, July 24 9 am to noon
Saturday, August 14 9 am to noon
Thursday, August 19 4 pm to 7 pm
Saturday, August 28 9 am to noon


For EMERGENCY needs at times other than scheduled hours of operation, you may call (509) 279-0842 or (509) 844-8551