Monday, November 15, 2010

Minutes from November 1, 2010 RCC Meeting

Meeting called to order by Chair Lorrie Pope @ 6:35pm

Members present: Todd Hart, Sean Hart, Tyler B., Kevin Lewis, Linda Thomas, Chris & Dan Thompson, Vivian Plank, Phil Evans, Mary-Lou Benson, Lorrie & Tom Pope, Nick S.
Guest: Sheila Dyer-North Palouse Food Bank

Minutes approved as presented

Community Center
Todd reported that the Center was almost clean after the last event but needed more cleaning which was done the next morning. There was a discussion as to how to get the Center cleaned after activities. It was suggested that possibly having an earlier closing at 10pm if additional cleaning was necessary at the previous activity; to have the cleaning done at "half-time" or turning the lights on just before the end so it could be picked up. It was also suggested that the Rules of Conduct be prominently displayed so the members know what is expected..
Phil reported that the wreaths will be delivered on Nov 17th or 18th. The prices will be $20 for the plain (a redbow and 3 pine cones) and $25 for the more decorated ones. There was a discussion as to where to sell them. Tom and Lorrie may be availble to sell them on the south corner of the Rockford City Park and they can be sold at the RCC. The decorated wreaths will need to be kept cool so they will be stored in Todd's storage area for a very short time, or the front area of the the RCC can be "closed in" with plastic sheeting and the covered air-hockey table can be used for storage.
It was decided that any additional equipment needed in the RCC could be requested via Craig's list.

Phil reported that the greenhouse will be moved next o the north edge of the post office parking lot and close enough to his house for the power and water supply. The plywood on the greenhouse needs to be scraped and painted.
We were reminded of all the work Keith and Linda Wigen with the gardens. Greg Sprague tilled Garden #1 on First Street and Garden #2 on River Street. Mary-Lou will send him a note of thanks.
Keith will be asked to take on the 2011 Gardens Committee chair. Lorrie and Tom have contacted people who can provide rejected railroad ties for raised beds. Lorrie and Tom also toured the East Valley School Program Garden located at Sullivan Road and Wellesley Avenue in Spokane Valley and were impressed.
Phil presented the concept of "Community Supported Agriculture". The people of the community "buy" a portion of the garden and receive a basket of food from the garden each week. A discussion resulted in that there would be a need to pay up front and some kind of contract would need to be signed. Phil also talked about  "PEACH" located in Vinegar Flats in southwest Spokane.

Sheila Dyer spoke about the Food Bank in Fairfield. She thanked us for the canned goods that were recently donated and said that the additional food needed for the holidays included canned pumpkin. Volunteers are needed to help staff the Food Bank to give relief to the present volunteers.

Fairfield Care (Center) in Fairfield is in dire need of furniture, fixtures, etc. Please contact Karl Felgenhauer for information on any supplies that may be needed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.

Mary-Lou Benson

Veterans Day Salute a Success

On November 11th a Salute to Veterans was held in the RCC. Many from the community and surrounding area were in attendance. Pastor David Lura was the master of ceremony which is appropriate as he is a retired chaplain with the US Navy.
To start things off, a flag salute was done as well as the singing of the national anthem. Special guests Stan Primmer and Phil Purcell told of their recent trip to Washington D.C. on the Honor Flight. In the audience were Betty Myers and (?) Spooner who also talked of their "Honor Flight" experience with the women veterans. All of their experience of the war was shared with pride, passion and emotion--a time not soon forgotten.
About 40 were in attendance and it was a very memorable experience for all.
Thank you again to all who have served our country and our active military.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rockford Roast Coffee

Have you tried the coffee at the RCC? Did you know that Rockford has it's very own blend of coffee and it's available to you at the Rockford Community Center. Roasthouse Coffee of Spokane has created a special blend just for Rockford. It is a medium roast blend consisting of Ethiopian, Guatamalan and Sumatran beans. These are premium beans that come directly from the farmer to the Roasthouse. It is shade grown coffee and the farmers are paid above fair trade prices. One pound packages are available in whole bean, drip, espresso, decaf and course ground for french press. The cost is $10.00 per pound or you can try a sample pot size for $2.00. Call the RCC for more information or just stop by and try a cup on us.

Holiday Wreaths available at the RCC

Now taking orders for holiday wreaths at the RCC.
Prices are $20.00 for plain and $25.00 for decorated.
Wreaths can be pre-ordered and picked up at the RCC beginning November 11th through December 4th. Call RCC @ 291-3605 for information.
Special arrangements can be made by contacting the RCC.